What convinced you to hire your last service company? Did you get what you expected?  Some people say that until they used Nik they didn’t know what service, reliability, reputation, expertise and value was! 
Let us show you how all these can be yours with Nik Tree Landscape Irrigation residential and commercial services insured for your protection.





Owner Nick Nikah’s first love was trees. He was an arborist for the oldest tree company in Texas-Caldwell Tree Company of Austin and worked on the historic Treaty Oak before he opened his own company. He learned it all from the experts. 
Today, he makes sure that the skilled tree staff knows tree work inside and out. A hands on boss; he trains the arborists himself to ensure proper knowledge. Using all the professional tools of the trade Nik keeps your trees in top shape while safely working around roof and power lines.

Complete tree care: planting, pruning, fertilizing, cavity repair, cabling, take down and consultation for diseased and damaged trees. If there is a way to save your trees, we’ll find it!

Just consider:
It is a well known fact that healthy beautiful trees contribute immensely to not only personal enjoyment but the overall dollar value of both commercial and residential properties.


Plants…the essence of a beautiful landscape. Whether for home or business, your newly installed or redesigned landscape will put you in touch with nature, creating a tranquil and soothing environment and making a dramatic statement about you.
Using the knowledge of proper soil, weather conditions and design concepts Nik Tree Landscape Irrigation will take you through the steps of design, installation and finishing touches from trees, plants and flowers,. to landscapes such as fences, walkways, retaining walls and water gardens Our skilled staff will create many years of outdoor enjoyment for you and your loved ones.

Sprinkler System

The foundation for a gorgeous landscape is proper design and installation of your sprinkler system. First the system is designed for proper coverage to virtually eliminate dry spots and minimize water usage. Second, Nik uses nothing but the best professional products. We are certified Rain bird installers and use Rain bird for our installations and repairs, but we can use other products according to your wishes.
Third, we install sprinkler systems with attention to detail following all state and local regulations and leaving the site neat and clean. Lastly, Nick or Shawn will walk your property with you to ensure that everything is working properly and showing you how to operate your controller. Know that we are still around even after your installation. We have a one year warranty on labor and a one year warranty on parts and we are a phone call or e-mail away if you need us.

Beginning in November of 2009 we are beginning a new program for our clients that have had their systems installed by Nik. If you have had your system installed from November of 2008, you will qualify for a free system check at approximately one year from installation date. Please note system check will be done as close to one year as possible but based on the schedules of Nick and Shawn .Call for details

Sprinkler installation and repair by trained and licensed professionals using the best irrigation products, drainage and leak detection. If you have reason to believe that you have a leak from your sprinkler system you can save money by calling us to fix the problem rather than a plumber.


Do you have standing water due to poor grading in your yard? If so, you have the real dangers of: 

  • Foundation shift  
  • Mold, algae or moss  
  • Termites  
  • Flying pests  
  • Imagine the peace of mind you will feel when Nik corrects the drainage in your yard and those problems disappear. 





  Drainage correction including French drains, grading and leveling and soaker systems.